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Henry Lawton Morrison

(Ashtabula Businessman & Chair of the Coroner's Jury )


Born: Aug. 12, 1820 in Geneva, OH

Married: Nancy Pamela (Castle) Morrison on Oct. 7, 1846

Died: Dec. 11, 1903 in Ashtabula, OH (Buried in Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Ashtabula OH)



Henry L. Morrison was the son of James Morrison Jr. and Sarah (McNutt) Morrison. His line has been traced back to at least 1740 and is of Scottish and English origin. He was married to Nancy Pamela (Castle) Morrison on Oct. 7, 1846 (It’s believed she was a school teacher). Henry & Sarah Morrison had four children.


He was Mayor of Ashtabula in 1858, 1865-1866, 1878-1879. He was also a large merchant in town and owned the largest department store in Ashtabula County. In fact, he owned the largest store in the area until you got to Cleveland, OH.


He organized the First Baptist Church in Ashtabula and if you go to the bell tower of the still standing church, you will see some of the bells have his name engraved with other members of his family.


He served as the Chair on the Coroner’s Jury and seemed to do most of the questioning.  He served five terms as a city council member and at the age of 78 served his last term on the council from 1897-1898.  He was an extremely smart and respected man in the community.


He Died Dec. 11, 1903 in Ashtabula, Ohio and is buried in Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Ashtabula, Ohio.


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