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Large Scale Models

To shoot a film this size and bring the action to life we will be using large-scale models and a mix of digital effects. The two main models that have been built include a replica large “G-Scale” model of Train #5, The Pacific Express and 15 ½ foot steel and stone detailed replica of the Ashtabula Bridge itself.


About the Models:

One of our film's sponsors, Mainline Bridges in Phoenix, AZ is the company that built the model of the Ashtabula Bridge. It took model builder, Damian Cavasos, one year to handcraft every detail, using photos and drawings from the mid 19th century to compete it. After the bridge was complete, it was shipped via semi truck to Bloomfield, OH, which is the location for the outdoor film set where a replica of the Ashtabula Gorge is being constructed. Mainline Bridges donated their labor for the construction while grant funds were used to buy the supplies needed for construction. The total cost of the bridge was approximately $10,000.


The train was donated by another sponsor Bachmann Spectrum Model Railroad Co. and then shipped to Florida for model painter Jim Manzone to paint in the colors of the Pacific Express, to match the real train cars we are filming in Strasburg, PA. The train was then shipped to QSI Solutions in Vermont, to have the realistic sound and action boards added to the train. The current value of the model train is approximately $5,000.


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