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Characters -

Click on the photos to learn about each person!

Amasa Stone

Bridge Designer

and Builder

Julia Ann Stone

Wife of Amasa Stone

George L. Converse

Ohio Legislative


Dr. Frank Hamilton

Examined the skull

of Charles Collins

Dr. Stephen B. Smith

2nd doctor to

examine Collins' skull

Dr. Freeman Case

Town doctor who worked the night of the disaster

Joseph Tomlinson Photo 2 (English Accent

Joseph Tomlinson

Engineer & Draftsman

of the Ashtabula Bridge

Charles Collins

Chief Engineer of the

LS&MS Railroad

Mary Collins

Wife of Charles Collins

G.A. Knapp

Fire Chief Ashtabula

Charles MacDonald

Civil Engineer

Fred W. Blakeslee

Fireman & Photographer

Henry L. Morrison

Chair of the Coroner's  Jury.

Harmon P. Hepburn

Mayor of Ashtabula

Mary R. Birchard

1st Cousin to

Rutherford B. Hayes

Phillip & Lucy Bliss

Famous Hymn Composer

and his wife

President of the U.S.

Rutherford B. Hayes

Henry Apthorp

Superintendent of the Telegraph

Edward S. Philbrick

Civil Engineer - ASCE

D.L. Moody

Evangelist & Founder of the Moody Bible Institue

Danial W. Whittle

Evangelistic Partner

of D.L. Moody

Hattie A. Sherman

Fundraiser for the

Ashtabula Hospital

John Ducro

Cabinetmaker & Undertaker

James E. Manning

"Uncle Jim"

Fred Blakeslee

Fireman & Photographer

William Howe

Howe Truss Bridge


Michael Madden

John Manning

Head of Telegraph

Opperations in Ashtabula

Charles B. Leek

LS & MS Asst. Telegraph

Operator the night of the disaster

Gustavus D. Folsom "Paps"

Engineer of the Columbia

Possible Photo of

Marion Shepard

Heroine of the Disaster

We Need A Photo.jpg

Dr. Ephraim L. King

Other Characters We Need Photos Of:

Albert Strong: Station Agent In Ashtabula
Capt. Henry M. Holzworth: Detective Cleveland Police
Albert Congdon: Master Machinist for LS&MS Cleveland, OH
Andrew L. Rogers: Bridge Builder LS&MS Railroad
Daniel McGuire: Engineer of the “Socrates” train engine
Peter Levenbroe: Fireman on the “Columbia” train engine
(Another photo to confirm) Miss Marion Shepard: Heroine of the Train
Timothy P. Sulivan: Ashtabula Car Repairman LS&MS
Harriet E. (Strong) Apthorp: Wife of Henry Apthorp
Michael Tinley: Saloon Keeper at the Eagle Hotel Foreman of the Lake Erie Fire Hand Pump
George Brake: Forman of the Protection Fire Hand Pump, Ashtabula
E.A. Hitchcock: Forman of the “Neptune” Fire Steamer
Henry W. Stager: Train Dispatcher and Telegraph Operator, Cleveland, OH
Mr. Henn: Conductor on the Train who died
Charles H. Philbrook: Painter for the LS&MS Railroad Ashtabula, OH
Charles Paine: General Superintendent of the LS&MS Cleveland, OH
Charles B. Couch: Superintendent of the Erie Division of the LS&MS Cleveland, OH
J.B. Hoff: Railroad Official LS&MS, Cleveland, OH
Judge: Edward W. Richards: Acting Coroner of the Coroner’s Jury Ashtabula, OH
Isaac C. Brewer: Assistant to Charles Collins, Cleveland, OH
Mr. Filedner: Cleveland Ohio Coroner
A.M. Burns: Ohio State Senator and served on the Joint Committee
Joseph G. Salisbury: Conductor on the relief train from Cleveland, OH
I.C. Reed: Wrecking Crew Foreman, Cleveland, OH

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