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Mary Roxana Birchard

(Passenger & 1st Cousin to President Elect - Rutherford B. Hayes)


Born: Feb. 13, 1827 in Newfan, Windham, Vermont

Died: Dec. 29, 1876 in Ashtabula, OH



Mary Roxana Birchard was the 1st cousin of President Rutherford B. Hayes. She was onboard Train No. 5, the Pacific Express, heading west to receive a $5,000 inheritance from her late uncle Sardis, a wealthy banker from Fremont, Ohio.


Unfortunately, Mary died in the disaster and her body was among the burned and unrecognized dead. She was buried at Chestnut Grove Cemetery in the burial plot of the 48 unrecognized dead. Her name appears at the bottom of the tall obelisk marking the grave. It should be noted; Even though the remains of 50 souls, which were placed in 19 coffins, are in this mass grave, only 24 names appear on the grave marker. Click the PDF Icon to see a complete list of the unrecognized dead burried in the Chestnut Grove Cemetery.