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LS & MS Union Depot In Cleveland, OH

In our film the Union Depot is the headquarters for a number of important characters including Amasa Stone and Charles Collins. It was also the location where help and a relief train came from the night of the disaster to help the victims of the crash and the citizens of Ashtabula. 


The Union Depot no longer stands, as it became the victim of progress and change. Now the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway highway stands in its place, but at the time Union Depot was the transportation hub of the century. Originally built in 1853, Union Depot unified the railroad stations into one area. Many passenger railroads passed through Union Depot, including the Cleveland-Erie-Buffalo railroad, the Cleveland-Cincinnati-Columbus railroad, the Cleveland-Pittsburgh railroad, the Cleveland-Toledo-Detroit railroad, and more. The depot itself consisted of many wooden sheds serving as small stations for each railway. Union Depot cost over $75,000 to build, and stretched from Bank Street to Water Street (today's W. 6th and W.9th streets).


In 1864, Union Depot experienced a terrible fire and burned down. When it was rebuilt in 1865, it became the largest terminal in America. The second Union Depot cost more than $475,000 and remained the largest building under one roof until the New York station exceeded it a few years later.


Union Depot was demolished in 1959. To learn more about this depot and to see other photos, click on the "Discover More" button below.

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