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Julia Ann (Gleason) Stone

Born: Dec. 21, 1818 - Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts

Married: Amasa Stone Jr. - Jan. 13, 1842

Died: July 21, 1900 Cleveland, OH

Children: Adelbert Barnes Stone: Died at Yale University in a swimming accident 6/27/1865. Clara Louise Stone, Flora Amelia Stone.



Julia's parents were John Barnes Gleason and Cynthia (Hamilton) Gleason.

It was Mrs. Stone who found her husband dead in his bathroom tub, just off his bedroom. Amasa Stone had not been sleeping well for weeks due to stomach ulcers and stress from a few financial failures. He told his wife he was going up stairs to see if he could sleep a while. After some time, Julia Stone went to check on him. He was not in bed and the bathroom door had been locked. She called to him, but there was no answer, so she quickly called for a male servant to climb through the transom window above the bathroom door. When the servant opened the door, Julia rushed in to find her shirtless husband lying in the tub with his pants still on. He had shot himself in the chest with a small silver pistol. Disaster had hit her twice: the loss of her son Adelbert in a swimming accident when he was attending Yale University, and now her husband.

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