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Daniel Webster Whittle

(Evangelistic partner of D.L. Moody and friend of Philip P. Bliss)


Born: Nov. 22, 1840 in Chicopee Fall, Massachusetts

Married: Abbie (Hanson) Whittle on Aug. 22, 1862

Died: March 4, 1901 in Northfield, Massachusetts



Major Daniel W. Whittle was an American Civil War veteran. He was wounded in battle and had to have an arm amputated above the elbow. As he lay wounded in a Richmond, VA POW hospital bed, he wanted something to read. It was then he discovered a New Testament bible placed in his haversack by his brother. He read the book from Matthew to Revelation and was converted that night to Christianity through a strange request by a nurse who asked him to pray for a dying solider in the next room.


Whittle became an American evangelist, Bible teacher and hymn writer. Through the influence of D. L. Moody, he entered full-time evangelism and worked with P. P. Bliss and James McGranahan. He wrote (mostly under pseudonym, El Nathan) the words for about two hundred hymns, including "Moment by Moment," "I Know Whom I Have Believed," and "The Banner of the Cross."


It was D.W. Whittle who sent the telegram to Philip P. Bliss requesting he come back to Chicago for a New Years Eve worship service in which Bliss would be the main singer.


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Graves of D.W. Whittle and his wife Abbie - Located off Parker Ave in Northfield, Massachusetts.

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