• Len Brown

Filming is Going Well!

Hi Everyone:

The filming of Engineering Tragedy: The Ashtabula Train Disaster film for PBS is going great! There have been many challenges along the way to include weather delays, funding and special effects and animation challenges. However, so far we have been getting through it all.

Our next filming location will be at the Williamsfield Community Center, where we will be building an indoor sound stage to film some of the winter rescue scenes in the gorge of death. After the bridge collapsed and sent the Pacific Express #5, plummeting 70 ft. to the river below, there were many brave people who risked their lives in an attempt to save others. Since there has not been much snow this year, we decided filming this section on an indoor sound stage with green screens would be our best option and where we could control the light, snow, wind and sound.

Check out our sneak peak videos from places we have shot already.


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