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The New Engineering Tragedy Website Is Up!

Finally it's up!

You guys have been waiting forever for this site to get up. I hope you all like the new look and find it much more user friendly.

A new feature can be found in the "Story Characters" section of the website which you will find under the "The Story / About" tab. Now you can click on the photos of the characters and learn something about each one. It took a long time to research all of this and get it together, but I finally got it finished.

If anyone finds more photos of other characters, please email them to me! I would love to keep building this up.

The education section is coming. It's done, but needs to be layed out properly. I also still need to work on the mobel version of the site, so you can see it using your phone or tablet.

Let me know if you find any mistakes that need to be fixed. :-)

Len Brown

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